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The MINI Hatch Range

Born from an inventive and brave spirit and over 55 years in the making, the award-winning MINI Hatch is, with exceptional design and unrivalled go-kart feeling, the foundation from which all MINIs have been born.

Low-cost, high-efficiency motoring makes the MINI Hatch a no-brainer for the money-conscious fleet market. MINIMALISM Fuel Saving Technology helps lower the running costs further.

Buttoned-down efficiency doesn’t take away from the iconic MINI styling one bit, with the familiar design clearly there for all to see in both the MINI 3-door and 5-door models.

A fresh take on the original 3-door model, the MINI 5-door Hatch offers a more practical and slightly larger option for company car drivers. The extra doors fit seamlessly into the design, packing in more space for storage and three passengers in the back.

Vital Statistics For The MINI Hatch Range.

Up to
231 HP
Horse Power
Up to
83.1 MPG
Fuel Consumption
89 G/KM
20% BIK
Benefit in Kind


MINI is always looking ahead, and no more so than with the impressive level of technology available. The host of innovative features includes Head-Up Display, touchscreen centre display and MINI Connected.

MINI Connected? This easy-to-use technology brings the outside world in, linking the driver to their emails, calendar appointments, contacts and more while they’re out and about.

Equally useful, MINI Teleservices alerts drivers when maintenance is required or if the battery is ever running low.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

high Level of Standard Specification.

  • 1 DAB digital radio
  • 2 Start/Stop button with keyless start
  • 3 Bluetooth
  • 4 MINI Emergency Call
  • 5 MINIMALISM Fuel Saving Technology


Fitted as standard, MINI Emergency Call automatically alerts the emergency services in the event of an incident. Saving valuable time, it relays information such as location, speed and direction of travel to ensure the help needed arrives as quickly as possible. The impressive suite of safety features also includes optional intelligent sensors that take the guesswork out of those tricky tight manoeuvres.

The MINI Hatch Range