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New speeding fines now in force from 24 April 2017.

From 24 April 2017 new laws regarding speeding fines have been introduced. Drivers will now face fines ranging from £100 and 3 points through to the maximum of £2,500 and 6 points, plus disqualification.

Going forward offenders can be charged up to 175% of their weekly income if they are caught speeding.

The new laws are categorised into 3 bands, each with a minimum and maximum weekly income percentage fine, depending on how serious the speeding offence is.

  • Band A: Initial starting fine of 50% of your weekly income (min 25% to max 75%)
  • Band B: Initial starting fine of 100% of your weekly income (min 75% to max 125%)
  • Band C: Initial starting fine of 150% of your weekly income (min 125% to max 175%)


With a salary of £27,600 (average salary as of April 2015), if you are caught travelling at a recorded speed of 36mph in a 30mph zone you would be prosecuted under Band A rulings.

Three points will go on your licence.

The initial fine would be £265.38, 50% of your weekly income.

Depending on the circumstances the final figure could range between: £132.69 (25% of your weekly income) and £398.08 (75% of your weekly income).

For more information click here to visit the Sentencing Councils website.