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The New BMW X2.

The arrival of the first ever BMW X2 is imminent. Designed to defy expectations, it has developed its very own personality. Rebellious at heart, sporty, extroverted and up for every challenge out there.

Offering an exceptionally agile, dynamic drive thanks to its exclusively engineered chassis, the BMW X2's unique exterior designs give it a broad, athletic stance. The iconic Kidney Grille has also been widened to create a playful, provocative profile that is complemented by a range of unmissable colours.

Entertainment, comfort and information are intuitively on hand, with all the latest BMW connectivity innovations, many of which come as standard. The BMW X2 integrates seamlessly into your world, giving you everything you need, when you need it. 

From design to driving experience, this is a car that dares to be different and loves the thrill.

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