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Personal Contract Hire

Introducing BMW personal contract hire for individuals opting out of company vehicles. With BMW Personal Contract Hire, an initial rental followed by monthly rentals means you can enjoy driving a BMW fleet vehicle without the responsibilities associated with ownership.

What is BMW personal contract hire?

Personal contract hire is a long-term vehicle rental agreement whereby you pay a series of monthly payments for the car of your choice. At the end of the contract term, you return the car without any further obligations – leaving you free to lease or buy a brand-new BMW model.  At BMW Business Partnership we can help you find the BMW model best suited to your lifestyle.

How does BMW personal contract hire work?

For our vehicle contract hire and leasing, simply choose the BMW model that is right for you along with your desired agreement length and annual mileage. You are then able to arrange your monthly rentals so they work for you and leave the rest to us.

When your agreement comes to an end, ensure you are within your agreed mileage, keep the model in good condition and then hand back the keys of your BMW vehicle with nothing more to pay.

For complete hassle-free driving, you can also include maintenance in your agreement.

Eligibility Criteria.

You will need to provide one of the following criteria prior to placing an order:

  • A copy of the company/cash allowance policy stating the cash allowance and entitlement
  • A listed Director email confirming, that you are entitled to an allowance in lieu of the provision of a traditional company vehicle
  • A copy of your contract stating that the car is required for your role

Speak to your local BMW business partnership retailer for the latest BMW personal contract hire deals and find out more about how personal contract hire can work for you.